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Option = install to external drive/device -> combine installed apps + apps on external device into 1 menu

There are menu apps/launchers for portable apps on external drives/devices [e.g. portableapps.com], but not AFAIK something that combines those apps with what's already installed & present in the Start Menu of the host PC into one place. There are a couple of project packs for LiveXP [boot-land.net] that on startup can add/combine detected portable apps in a prearranged way to the Start Menu, & it's very nice -- very handy. With maybe the exception of the QuickUninstall menu handler it should be easy to implement, storing a temporary list(s) for the host PC's existing start menu [the same way it's done now, but deleted on program close?], & persistent, customized lists with apps set up on the external/removable device/drive.

mike , 21.10.2010, 11:53
Idea status: under consideration


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